Although coming from a rural community in South Georgia, just 20 miles west of Savannah, Josh Sanders was exposed to a plethora of musical genres from the likes of country, rock, blues, R&B, and bluegrass. His love for music and eagerness to soak up as much knowledge as he could, had him hooked on the idea of learning to play guitar, as well as eventually adding songwriter to his resumé. Those earlier influences played a vital role in developing Josh's sound and style, and when paired with his unparalleled stage presence, makes for an experience fit for once-in-a-lifetime verbiage. Sanders continues to write, play, and create music that touches and inspires others by tapping into his musical roots, and the journey has yet to show an end.

  Josh is set to release his first EP to kick off the 2017 year, following the release of the single "Walls," now available on all digital platforms.